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My Speech on Childhood Obesity and Low-Income Families

...My Speech Victoria Rock September 17, 2012 Childhood Obesity in Low-Income Families Hello Everyone, How you doing? Nervous like me I bet! Tonight I want to open your eyes in regards to childhood obesity in low-income families, and put an end to the myth that they eat nothing but “Junk Foods.” And I’m going to show WHY they are having a hard time fighting the battle of the bulge, because this is something I deal with on a daily basis. Just like with everyone else there are many factors that can contribute to obesity in children today; * Pop-culture * Genetics * Health issues * Medications * And self-esteem But children of low-income families not only face these issues but they have the added issues of * Cost of healthy foods * Lack of affordable gyms * But most of all the lack of funds needed every month to provide a healthy life style for their families. I know this to be a true fact because I face these issues everyday with my daughter. And truth be told according to the Federal Government Monthly Standard Income, I live below poverty level. But we will get into that later. Everyone knows what healthy foods are; * Fresh fruits & vegetables * Whole grains * Fish * Skinless chicken breast * Etc. And to maintain a healthy weight these are the foods you need to buy and eat daily. When we think of un-healthy foods we picture; * Chips * Cookies * Candy * Soda * Etc. But did you......

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Informative Speech Outline on Alcatraz

...* Alcatraz Informative Speech Outline General Purpose: To inform the class Specific Purpose: To describe to the audience a brief history of Alcatraz. Thesis: Alcatraz has been a popular social topic because of the mystery that surrounds it and the stories exaggerated in movies and television shows. INTRODUCTION I. If you disobey the rules of society, they send you to prison; if you disobey the rules of the prison, they send you to Alcatraz. II. Alcatraz has been a popular social topic because of the mystery that surrounds it and the stories of mistreatment and escape attempts exaggerated in movies and television shows. III. Alcatraz served as the federal government’s response to post-prohibition America. Both the institution and the men confined within its walls are a part of this era. The most famous inmate being, Al Capone and others like George “Machine Gun” Kelly and Robert Stroud, the “Birdman of Alcatraz”. A. First, I will talk about the penitentiary opening where difficult prisoners from other institutions would be transferred to Alcatraz, also known as “The Rock”. B. Then, I will discuss life on the island and as an inmate in the prison. C. And last, I will discuss the popular culture of Alcatraz; including some failed escape attempts before the closing of the prison. BODY I. First, I will talk about the penitentiary opening where difficult prisoners from other institutions would be transferred to Alcatraz. A. Alcatraz opened in 1934, as a......

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Informative Speech Outline

...Informative Speech Outline Template Your Name: COMS 101 Date Due: 01 Oct 2012 Organization: Topical pattern. Audience analysis: 3 Junior Leaders in the US Army, 2 single Soldiers and a Father of 2 young teens boys. Topic: The moral decline of society caused by the base values being changed and manipulated by the society that surrounds us. Rhetorical Purpose: To inform my audience about the influence of Soldiers in the U.S. Army Redemptive Purpose: To show the importance of instilling the Army Values in young Soldiers, so that perhaps, they will have a base from which to teach the next generations values to guide them morally. Introduction: I. Attention-getter These two items I am going to show you in a minute I am sure you have all seen at one time or another. Please take a moment and think about what type of feelings these bring about. II. Establish Credibility I am responsible for the moral and ethical behavior of not just my own children but for any Soldier that is placed under my leadership. III. Purpose Statement As the father of my children and leader of Soldiers. I must ensure that they have the right values to steer them morally through our world. I have instilled my family’s values in my children from an early age. As for the Soldiers I am trying to instill the Army Values , sometimes this is difficult because some Soldiers have been raised for the last 18yrs or more with their family values that may be......

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Informative Speech

...Informative Speech Assignment Information Speeches: 4 - 5 minutes Speech Day: Come to class early on speech days Do not disrupt other speeches by arriving late! Turn in your speech outline with a references page Purpose of Speech: To support a clear, one-sentence thesis To use at least three different kinds of supporting material To organize the speech with an appropriate and discernible structure To experiment with creative vocal delivery and presentation To demonstrate principles of effective audience-centered public speaking Please choose one of the following formats for your informative speech: • Present an activity, routine, or practice in a “how-to” instructional teaching lesson • Pick an everyday item and teach your audience “how-to” use it for a purpose it was not intended for Your informative speech should focus on the following: • Constructing creative ways to share information and communicate your credibility as a knowledgable speaker • Employing narrative (stories) and sensorial or image-rich language (metaphors etc.) • Presenting with enthusiasm and sharing your interest in this topic/process with us Your informative speech will be graded on the following criteria: • Practiced and improved delivery • Creative use of stories, vocals, images, gestures, body movement, props, and/or space • Turned in and typed speech outline (must be turned in on the day you speak) • Your ability to manage your time When planning your speech: • Tell a...

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Speech Outline

...SPCH 1315 Format for Persuasive Speech Outline   General Purpose: To educate parents about the different ways to combat childhood obesity Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, I want the audience to know how to incorporate easy healthy food and lifestyle choices into their children’s daily life. Central Idea: The three things I want to focus on is how to encourage exercise in our children for busy parents, healthier food choices, and kid and budget friendly healthy recipes or alternatives.  Introduction: A.     Attention Device: Good afternoon, I just want to take a few minutes to talk about the growing plague of childhood obesity and what we can do as parents to prevent it in our own children. B.     Childhood obesity is particularly troubling because the extra pounds often start children on the path to health problems that were once confined to adults, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Childhood obesity can also lead to poor self-esteem and depression. 1.      Encourage more exercise and play with our children 2.      Chose healthier foods 3.      Incorporate kid friendly healthy recipes in family menu planning Body: I.                    As a parent we are extremely busy. Often when we come home from work or school and there is just not enough time to let the children play outside for an hour. But children have been sitting in a classroom for 8 hours of the day with maybe 20 minutes of play for an entire school......

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Informative Speech Outline

...the dump. It was so disgusting and stink; I remember smelling it in my sleep for several days. What caught my attention, was a fish caught in the plastic from a six pack of sodas. I was devastated by the effects of non- recycling and from then on decided to help save our planet earth. 2. (Tie to the audience) People with health issues have been hospitalized and died due to pollution. Kids with asthma are direct targets of the people who choose not to recycle. Pollution of our waters, pollutes our fresh grown fruits and vegetables that we all eat. It kills our natural resources and animals. 3. Today I’m going to explain what recycling causes and how it affects our lives now and in the future. Transition to body of speech I will start with the definition of what recycling is. 1. What is recycling? A. According to Wikipedia, Recycling is processing used materials (waste) into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfilling) by reducing the need for "conventional" waste disposal, and lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to plastic production. 1. Recycling trucks come around once every two weeks to collect recyclable trash, most likely a blue or green can. 2. Residential areas, schools, and businesses are forced to recycle. B. Recycling......

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Informative Speech Outline

...and driving you get tunnel vision. (transition) If commercials and stories of lost loved ones are not enough to convince you, maybe some scientific research will help. II. Main point 2: Let’s get down to some hard facts. A. Sub-point 1: Here are some of the key findings. B. Sub-point 2: Texting while driving have the same effect as a drunk driver. (transition) Now that we have all the information. III. Main point 3: What can we do about it? A. Sub-point 1: I have always been an avid texter. B. Sub-point 2: Is a text message really important? (transition) Not only texting or using your phone while driving impairs your ability. I. Summary: It is dangerous for people around you. II. Closing: I hope this speech has persuaded you to stop texting!...

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Informative Speech Outline

...Informative Speech: Nuclear Energy Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to inform others about the production, utilizations and impacts of nuclear energy. I. INTRODUCTION A. Attention Getter: When most people think of nuclear energy, the first thing that comes to their minds is a devastating bomb explosion or a nuclear power plant meltdown. But, in reality, nuclear energy is a sustainable energy source that has an enormous variety of uses. B. Thesis: The uses of nuclear energy range from being a clean, renewable energy source to cutting edge medical procedures. C. Credibility: The world's first exposure to nuclear energy came with the detonation of two atomic bombs in Japan in 1945. Scientists perceived a positive aspect of these terrible events; they hoped that the power of nuclear energy could be harnessed for human good. Those hopes have been recognized, but to only a small extent. Starting in the 1970s, opposition to nuclear power rose. D. Preview: I will be talking about only a fraction of the production, applications and effects /rewards of nuclear energy. Including: i. What nuclear energy is and how nuclear energy is made. ii. Uses of nuclear energy. iii. Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy. Transition: First, Let’s explore what nuclear energy is and how it is made. BODY First Main Point II. Nuclear energy is any method of doing work that makes use of nuclear fission or nuclear fusion reactions. The term refers to both the......

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Speech Reguarding Childhood Obesity to Naacp

...Bates 1 Michael Bates Professor English 10 February 2014 Summary of " Remarks to the NAACP National Convention" In Remarks to the NAACP National Convention, Michelle Obama states it's the parents responsibility to fight childhood obesity.She begins by stating the mission of the NAACP then gets into some problems occuring in African American culture. She then briefly says that although the NAACP has accomplished a lot, many African American children attend crumbling schools a great number of their families are "barely scraping by"(Obama 419). She also states that in America "one in three children is overweight or obese"(Obama 420) Then she begins to talk about how the way we live used to be different In the past. She claims that kids used to walk to and from neighborhood schools. She also says that when she was younger schools "had recess twice a day and gym class twice a week like it or not"(Obama 421). Next she briefly speaks of the different eating habits kids and families had in the past. She shared her family rarely ate out and that they "never ate anything fancy, but the portion sizes were reasonable"(423). After she finished speaking about the eating habits of the past, she then discussed the lifestyles of children today. She says that many children "can't attend neighborhood schools or don't"(423). Plus many kids dont have schools within reasonable walking distance so instead they must have there parents take them or......

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Informative Speech Outline-Childhood Obesity

...Informative Speech Outline Jill Lesmann Oral Communications Cathleen Kruska April 9th 2015   Topic: Childhood Obesity INTRODUCTION I. Attention Getter: Hi, my name is Jill. I have been a pediatric nurse for almost 2 years now. According to the National Center for Health Statistics in 2011, childhood Obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. And in 2012, more than one-third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. II. Specific Purpose: I would I like to inform you all of childhood obesity and ways to get involved in preventing obesity in children. III.       Thesis:  Childhood obesity is a preventable disorder that could lead to other health effects, short-term and long-term. IV. Preview: I will discuss what obesity is, what health effects it could lead to, and how to prevent it. BODY TRANSITION: To start off, I will explain what obesity is. I.          Main Point #1: Obesity is a disorder involving the excessive amount of body fat.             A.  There are 2 types of classification involving weight gain 1. The classification of being overweight refers to the excess of body weight. 2. And obesity is the excess of fat. 3. Childhood obesity occurs when a child is well above their age and height range which is determined by the body mass index. Children that are at risk for obesity may be ones that are genetically predisposed and have parents that are obese. 4. TRANSITION:...

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Informative Speech Outline

...BCOM-3950 October 21, 2015 Informative speech outline Specific Purpose: To inform the audience how to enhance credibility when making conversation at work-related social events. Central Idea: To inform my classmates how to enhance credibility when making conversation at work-related social event by engaging in a conversation, being honesty, and keep confidences. Introduction: I. Today I would like to inform you on how to enhance your credibility when making conversation at work-related social events. Dr. Victor Fund said, “A good leader is probably no different in any culture in the sense that a good leader must have credibility.” II. Gaining credibility at work is very important. It will determine if you will move up or stay in the same position within a company. There are many ways one can go about to enhance credibility, however I would like to talk about three key points that I found will be more useful. III. First I will talk about how to engage in a conversation; second I would like to express the importance of being honest and third keeping confidences. During work-related social events we must take advantage to network with colleagues. However, it can be hard to actually engage in a conversation, especially if you are shy. But we have to step out of our comfort zone and overcome our fear. Body: I. Ways to engage in a conversation is to look approachable, begin with a question and show interest and give compliments. According to......

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Informative Speech Outline

...Name: _Celeste XXXXX____ Speech Title: Bible vs Quran Purpose: (Why are you giving this talk?) To inform the similarities and the differences within the similarities of the two books. Thesis: (What is your major argument?) Even though both books are considered to be God’s word, we find them contradicting each other. I. Introduction A. Greeting: Hi, my name is Celeste and today I am going to talk to you about the similarities and the differences within the similarities of the two books. B. Attention getter more than 1.6 Billion people follow the rules of this book that is considered holy. Yet, more than 2.4 billion follow another book also considered holy. That’s right, I am talking about the Quran and the Bible. C. Credibility statement: My bibles...I was brought up in a Christian environment. D. Thesis statement: Even though both books are considered to be God’s word, we find them contradicting each other. E. Preview of main points, Similarity 1, God’s word. Difference: By who. Similarity 2, Jesus. Difference: His story in each book Similarity 3: One True God. Difference: Who is He? Transition II. Body A. Main point #1 they both state to be the Word of God The Quran: a. 29:48 b. 18:23-24 c. 2:2-3 d. 38:29 The Bible: a) 2 Timothy 3:16 b) John 10:35 c) Acts 4:24-25 Subordinate point (e.g., "According to…") The difference: The Qur’an scriptures contradicts the Bible Support (e.g., example, statistic, visual, testimonial)......

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Siberian Huskies Informative Speech Outline

...Mireya Duarte 4-1-2015 Siberian Husky’s : Informative Speech Outline I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Siberian huskies served valiantly in the army's arctic search & rescue unit of the air transport command during WWII and in the BYRD Antarctic expeditions. OR Did you know that some people say that this breed can put the “H” in Houdini because unless they have a fenced in yard they are known to be escape artist and enen then sometimes a fence does not stop them! B. Purpose Statement: I will be informing everybody about some if the history of the Siberian Husky’s along with some general information such as their temperament, general care which includes food, exercise they need and such stuff. C. Significance Statement: I feel this information is relevant to know because not many people even know the most basic thing about the breed of the dog they own if it’s a Officially a state dog or even if it’s a breed that is well known for having Health issues that they should be on the lookout for. D. Preview Statement: First I will be giving you a brief history of the Siberian Husky’s along with some of their most noted achievements as a breed. Second, I will inform you about the general care they need along with if they have any......

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Informative Speech Outline

...Informative Speech Outline Topic or Title: Everything Shih Tzu General Speech Goal: To inform about Shih Tzus Specific Speech Goal: At the end of my presentation the audience will have gained information about Shih Tzus Introduction i. • Attention Getter: Six years ago, I gained a best friend. There was a group of puppies and I just picked my favorite one. He happened to be a Shih Tzu, and I did not know anything about Shih Tzus at the time so I did not really know what to expect. I named him Duke, and that is when I got to learn about the Shih Tzu breed. ii. • Establish Credibility: Now that I had a Shih Tzu, I started learning and experiencing new things about him everyday as well as looking online about his breed and such. iii. • Connection to Audience (Motivation): As a dog lover, I have had many dogs. I learned that you can’t just pick any dog to live in a small apartment with you. There is many differences in dog breeds and not all of them will work for you and your environment. iv. • Thesis: I am going to inform you about Shih Tzus because it might just be the right dog for you. I am going to tell you what a Shih Tzu is, their history, physical appearance, and temperament. Transition: So, is a Shih Tzu the right kind of dog for you? Body I. What is a Shih Tzu and their history? a. • A Shih Tzu is one of the oldest breeds in the world. They originated in Tibet where Shih Tzus and similar breeds......

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Outline Informative Speech

...Lucy Vue Public Speaking NE 11A.M Janet Nobles Informative Speech Outline Objective: To inform To inform the audience about a history background of the Hmong people. Intro: I have a lot of people asking me this question every time they finished asking me what nationality I am. What is Hmong? That triggers me! Sometimes it is heard for me to answer them because I don’t know the real answer to it and I would just say “we are Asian, we don’t have a country and we are not Mongolian.” This question, what is Hmong finally led me to research on my own people history, therefore I finally found out interesting information. I. What is Hmong? a) Hmong are an ethnic group from the mountain regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. b) The Hmong claim an origin in the Yellow River region of China. In Martha Ratliff’s 2004 book, Vocabulary of Environment and Subsistence in Proto-language, there is linguistic evidence to suggest that they have occupied the same areas of southern China for at least the past 2,000 years. c) 'Miao' people, a group with whom Hmong people are often identified. II. Hmong Rituals and Culture a) An article in www. Pbs.org stated about the Hmong religion is traditionally animist. According to Hmong cosmology, the human body is the host for a number of souls. The isolation and separation of one or more of these souls from the body can cause disease, depression and death. Curing rites are therefore referred to as "soul-calling......

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