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555 W S Boulder Rd
Unit B
Lafayette, CO80026
(720) 890-7634

Best dollar store of modern times!! Love love love this place. Everything a 1$ and great deals and often surprised the variety of things they are selling for only 1$. Store is clean, they get new things... Feels good there. People are nice there too. Love!

I knew I have been to this part of Neighborhood many moons ago. But I guess the other time, I did not take notice of this Dollar Tree. This Dollar Tree is located in the WANEKA MARKETPLACE, strip mall. Yes, another standard Dollar Tree. We went here on SUNDAY, April 6th 2014. Time was about 11:35hrs ish. I managed to get some items needed for a small upcoming party. Unfortunately, the staff or the Sales Associate by the name of Keith IS NOT that helpful that morning at the Check Out Counter when I asked him about certain items that they might have. Maybe this was an isolated incident. Maybe he might be having a "bad-hair" day. *SIGH* All in all ITS JUST a DOLLAR Tree. The opening hours for this Dollar Tree is as following : Mondays - Saturdays : 9am - 9pm Sundays : 10am - 8pm Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. STORE # 4479 555 W. South Boulder Road, Unit B, Lafayette, CO 80026-2754 Tel : (720)-890-7634 @76/2014

This is hands down the cleanest dollar tree I've ever been in. And the Manager, Susan, let me tell you, she is awesome! Always willing to go out of her way for all of the customers. and she's so polite. I do have one complaint about one of the employees there, her name is Cary and she was so rude. I went shopping there a couple of weeks ago when as I walked up to check out, Cary was yelling at another customer. Apparently the cashier needed to void a transaction due to double charging the woman and Cary didn't want to refund her and told her to just go pick something else out. the customer refused to do that and Cary told the cashier that she needed to pay the customer out of her pocket since she was the one that charged the woman twice. I don't know what ended up happening after that because I left without buying anything because that Cary woman was so horrible to listen to. other than recently the store having more and more empty shelves and what looked like the store being understaffed, all of the other employees there were very polite and helpful.

$1 plus tax. They have great deals. I can find many household supplies, cleaning supplies, toiletries and food here. Also great for supplies with my students. As a local in Lafayette, this is usually my first store on my shopping trips. Damon Miller was very helpful in finding the merchandise I needed and quick behind the register.


312 Walnut St
Redwood City, CA94063
(650) 599-9743

I like Dollar Tree. They carry an assortment of household goods here. Some are even name brand but in smaller or different sizes than usual. I usually go buy Renuzit air fresheners here since a lot of places charge like $1.50 for them here (although sometimes they are $0.88 elsewhere). They take credit card.

I usually stop by while I am waiting for my take out order from L&L in the same shopping plaza. Great place to pick up little things for kids like puzzles, books, flash cards, stickers, toy cars, crayons and etc. Sometimes I even find Disney stuff (books and puzzles) that I am surprise to see only cost $1. Occasionally I also get birthday cards, wrapping paper, cooking spices and seasonal decorations from here too. The store is pretty big and reasonably well organized. However, the check out can be very slow sometimes and usually there is only 1 cashier.

Best Dollar Tree in the area! Has significantly more items than the other local locations, the only larger location I've seen was in Orange County (So Cal). I would have given five stars, but the check out line was crazy long.

Love this place! $1 calculators that don't "know" PEMDAS; perfect for students that are still working on improving basic skills.

I was shopping at this location when I was in need of a restroom. The cashier stated the bathrooms were both out of order. How convenient if you go shopping with your kids don't shop here because they will not let you use the restroom. Poor service.

Just want to say a big thank you to Cynthia, she is one of the lady's that gives very good customer service at this store. I like how she treats customers and is very polite. She will acknowledge you even if she has a line of customers ready to pay. Thank you Cynthia for making customers feel welcomed at this store.

Dollar Tree didn't have much snacks, just grabbed a pretzel and a bag flossers located next to the checkout aisles. both 1@. quick service, need to look in aisle for more dental cleaingin tools, heretell ihey have them.

We make 24 Thanksgiving baskets for Haven House Shelter cooking needs for the holidays. With Dollar Tree prices our baskets overflow with everything needed in any kitchen, and add in fun holiday decor. We order online and picked up 14 boxes! The Asst Manager even helped load my car (thank you again Ernesto). Happy Holidays to all.

Amazing quality, great service, I do a lot of shopping for work crafts here and Ernesto has been amazing helping me. If you need help look for him!

I ended up here after my experience at dollar deal on veterans blvd. I am a happy customer

Located in the Peninsula Boardwalk right next to Joann's Fabrics, there's plenty of parking. A small location but has gift boxes/bags, plastic utensils, mailing supplies, cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, toys, and personal care products. Came here because my office was having a holiday potluck and needed some disposable supplies. Didn't even realize this location opened up since it's not easily seen from Veterans Blvd. They don't have many kitchen wares like large mixing bowls and pitchers. Because of the holidays, a lot of the stuff was thrown about. Lines can be long. There were about 10 people waiting to pay and only one cashier open. Only about 15min later did they decide to get another cashier to open up. Brighter, cleaner and more spacious than Dollar Deal down the street, I suggest going here for quick cheap items for office or party supplies. Plus you don't get the following eyes or creepy vibe from here like you do at Dollar Deal.

We really like shopping here for food, candy and phone cables. They have a good selection of pretty much everything. Also, the employees, like Ernesto, are very friendly!

They need to get real cashiers here cause the ones they have don't understand what customer service means. The cashier had us waiting for over 10 minutes while she tried to figure out how to handle a return. Never once did she address us with the proper responses that you give when you have a customers waiting a extended period of time. Finally the manager had someone else open and they should have taken us cause we were the next in line but this fool just grab the whoever! Finally the manager opened up and took us. They seem to forget that they are in the field of customer service and that should be the their #1 priority. If it isn't then they need to kick rocks! From someone who was a cashier for 8 years.

Had exactly what I wanted ! And the cashier had a great personality. He made me smile

Good place to buy cheap office supplies, party stuff, cleaning agents, and holiday season supplies. Not sure about the food though. Customer service was fine, no big problem. They take credit cards and place is conveniently located in a shopping plaza with other stores. Clean as well. Not as big as other dollar stores, but it does the job as far as offering dollar items. Overall: Good customer and everything for a dollar.

It seems a little strange to be writing a review for the dollar store, but I really like the inventory at this location. I also go to the SSF and Belmont locations. Belmont is my least favorite simply because it is a smaller store and they carry less inventory. I have been to the Redwood City location a handful of times in the past few months mainly to purchase household cleaning supplies, gift wrap/gift bags and other random items. This store doesn't seem to get very crowded and it's easy to get in and out quickly. Will definitely be back in the future.

For being a dollar tree I don't have many expectations coming here. I get the little supplies I need, hair stuff for the kids I coach because I don't any hair tied back after they narrow them! And coming here there's always someone pleasant working the cash registers! I always get a warm greeting and good conversation. Such a great feeling to shop someplace where people are genuinely nice

Pretty new. Clean. Customer service is really nice. Selection is not as good as other spots in San Carlos or east bay locations when it comes to some things but what can u expect, its a dollar store.

Yay! A new Dollar Tree in the area. This one is SUPER convenient for me which is a huge plus. It just opened so it's clean and very organized. It's chock full of a great selection of items to chose from. It was busy when I went and the lines were long, but moved quickly. Kudos to the employees for being helpful and pleasant. I will definitely be back. Thanks Dollar Tree!

This location is clean! The customer service is not great. I believe the store manager had to be asked to speak to me in English because another worker on the floor was unable to understand what an 'exchange' was. I get the language barrier, but once she was asked to help me, she had the biggest attitude telling me, "In all stores, you need a receipt to do any exchange" -- not true because I've worked in retail, and on the computer there's always an option to do an 'Exchange without receipt.' Most workers don't do it because they're lazy, just like this girl I charge at this time. Unfortunate she couldn't have a better attitude in dealing with my issue. She was unprofessional too because she couldn't even step out of the office nor put the phone down to speak to me. Oh well. This bad review if for you, lady in charge at 11:00am on Sunday, February 15th!


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