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The Library provides access to a range of online databases where you can find reviews and criticism. If you are a Victorian resident registered with the Library you can access this material from outside the Library. See the Australian literature tab for more on Australian writers.

Gale Literary Sources database

See the diagram below for instructions on using this database. Note that the content is presented in different formats. 

Here are some examples of the articles you can access. The database focusses on major writers and includes poets and playwrights



  • Buried child by Sam Shepard - see this volume of Drama Criticism. Click on his name and then criticism
  • Medea by Euripides


Short stories

These are just some examples. Try any author or work, there may not be substantial content but often, for notable authors, there will be.

Here is an example of searching Gale Literary Sources for criticism and overviews of The man who loved children by Christian Stead.

The first step is to type in your search:

The second step is to review and refine your results:

Sometimes will be individual plain text documents and pdfs, while some items are within scans of original print volumes. The latter are not as user friendly but contain excellent content. 


Other literature databases

See also the Australian literature tab above. There are a range of other literature databases held by the Library.

Article search

Through our Library catalogue  search across a number of databases for articles on literature. 

Type in a title or an author and then choose Articles from the drop down list next to the search box.

Use the options at left of screen to narrow your search and click View online to access full text articles. Click on the image below to activate this search for The sound of things falling by Juan Gabriel Vasquez 


Guides and books

The Library holds a large range of books of literary criticism which analyse specific authors and their works. These are usually printed books that are not online and can only be accessed within the Library. If they are held in storage you can use your Library card to order the books to be retrieved.

We are not a lending Library but the books can be used any time at the Library.

VCE guides

The  Insight text and comparison guide series analyse specific texts for VCE students.  Check whether we hold a guide to a specific text by searching using the title of the text with the phrase Insight text guide. For example Insight guide Malala

There are other guides to VCE English and VCE Literature. To find these do a catalogue search using terms such as Literature VCE or English VCE, add additional terms to narrow your search.

Note though that we don't hold all the Insight guides or VCE guides, so we may not hold the specific one you are seeking.

If we don't hold the guide you are looking for, or if you want to see what guides are held at other libraries, do a search on Trove. From the record on Trove click the Borrow tab at top right to see what other libraries have copies of the item.

Literary criticism and analysis

To find books of literary criticism and analysis go to our catalogue and do a keyword search with the name of an author and the term 'criticism'. For more specific results include the title of a work.

For example  "Henry James" criticism or for a specific work "Wuthering Heights" Bronte criticism.

Check the Available note on the record to find whether the book is on the open shelves or whether you need to order it from storage using your Library card.

Children's literature

See our separate guide on Children's literature.

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