York University Late Assignment Policy

Policy on Late Assignments or Missed Midterm Exam

ITEC 1010 - Section M - Winter 2000

Assignments may be submitted late; however, there is a penalty.See the submission instructions for each assignment for details on the penalty.

If you submit an assignment late due to medical or compassionate reasons, you may have the penalty waived; however, you must

·        Contact the TA via email as soon after the due date as possible, stating the reason you could not submit the assignment;

·        Submit the assignment within one week of the due date; and

·        Provide the TA with acceptable documentation (e.g., a medical certificate)

Even with acceptable documentation, assignments more than one week late will receive a mark of zero.In exceptional cases, when the medical documentation indicates you were in the hospital for the period of time corresponding to the assignment, the weight of the assignment will be added to the weight of the final exam.

A make-up midterm exam will NOT be provided. If you miss the midterm for medical reasons, the weight will be added to the weight of the final exam.To request such an arrangement, you must

·        Contact the TA via email as soon after the midterm exam as possible, stating the reason you missed the midterm exam; and

·        Provide the TA with acceptable documentation (e.g., a medical certificate)

If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact the TA (ta1010m@math.yorku.ca).

If you are experiencing technical difficulties on your end, please read "problems with uploading" noted below. If you still cannot resolve the problem, please call eSO at 416-736-5831 immediately. If you experience difficulties outside of regular business hours, you may e-mail your assignment to the eServices Office at: elearned@yorku.ca. Please include your cover sheet information in the body of the e-mail, as the e-mail will be your cover sheet. If necessary, your assignment can also be faxed to eSO at 416-736-5637. Please make sure you only submit your assignment ONE TIME.

Things to heed when submitting assignments on-line:

  • No spaces in file name
  • MS Office or PDF attachments only
  • Use Internet Explorer or Chrome only
  • Remove pop-up blockers
  • The recommended browser is Internet Explorer.
  • The system has been noted to support Macintosh Computers only in conjunction with Google Chrome.
  • Students cannot use Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • There should be no spaces in the filename of the assignment. To rename file, open assignment in program used to create assignment e.g. Microsoft Word and then click on 'Save As' – put in a new name without spaces. You cannot rename/remove space when attaching the file in the upload website.
  • User ID – Only the first part of York U e-mail.
  • Do not attach path when attaching file. (Save it to your desktop instead).
  • Larger files will take longer to attach.
  • Attachments should be in Word, Excel or PDF format.
  • Students cannot submit a Zip File – should re-submit with multiple attachments.
  • You might experience problems if you have any Pop Up – Blockers. Remove pop-up blockers.
The eServices Office will produce hard copies of the online submissions and pass them on to the instructors to be marked. All assignments are date stamped and a record of your submission is kept. We also log the date when assignments are returned to students. All assignments will be returned as scanned PDF attachments via your York U student e-mail account. You may view Adobe PDF files on your desktop or on the Web by downloading the Adobe Reader.

For assignments that are marked online, students can log into Assignment Upload to review their grade and instructor comments.

You will be required to fill an assignment cover form on the Assignment Upload Website. Assignment cover forms are produced online by filling out your personal contact information. Include your full name, student number, mailing address, phone numbers, and York U e-mail address. In addition, please include your course information i.e. course identification number and title, course instructor/tutor, due date and the number of pages. Please note many of the fields will be required and if not completed, your assignment cover form will not be produced.

ONLY ONE assignment submission is necessary. Please do not send assignments to us via other means, as this only leads to confusion. Please ONLY use the online submission method of delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Students can log back in to the Assignment Upload Website to review all previous successful assignment submissions.

Assignments that have been submitted via the Assignment Upload Website will receive an automatic confirmation receipt. The electronic system in place will have a record of your submission, including the date and time. Students can review their submissions on the same website. If there are any problems with your submission we will be sure to contact you by phone or via e-mail. Students should also keep a copy of their confirmation and keep back up copies of their assignment files. Students can sign in to the Assignment Upload page anytime to view previous submissions for their distance education courses and view the confirmation numbers for assignments that have been submitted through the site.

You need to be able to supply us with your confirmation receipt of submission, or any other documentation validating your claim. If you had a technical problem, and submitted it by e-mail, please keep your e-mail records. It is your responsibility to be certain that your assignment was successfully submitted and ON TIME.

Most course instructors/teaching assistants will deduct marks for late papers, unless official documentation is provided for sufficient reasons. Some courses also address a specific time for assignment due dates. The DUE DATE recorded by our office is the official received date for your assignment submission. Any questions regarding late assignments can be directed to the instructor of the course.

All assignments require approximately two-week turn-around time. The process of grading, recording and e-mailing takes place during this duration. All marked papers will be returned to students via their York U student e-mail account. Students should note that if they submit late papers, the turn-around time will also be delayed. Ensure that there is enough room in your York U e-mail inbox to receive your graded assignments/midterm exams.


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